(a) Any person who is having/reading Master degree or above in basic/allied sciences may become a member upon payment of Rs 50/- (Rupees fifty only) as membership fee .

(b) A member can become Life Member upon payment of Rs 500/- (Rupees five hundred only).

(c) An eminent person, with significant contribution to the activities of the society and/or the advancement of science may apply for Patron Membership. However, eligibility shall be decided and approved by the Executive Committee, and on approval, the member shall become a Patron upon payment of Rs 1,000/- (Rupees one thousand only).

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1. Member List (Subject - Zoology).xls

Agri Sciences.pdf

3.  Biochemistry 6.10.2012.pdf

4. Biotechnology 6.10.2012.pdf

5. Botany 6.12.2012.pdf

6 Chemistry 6.10.2012.pdf

7. Computer SC.pdf

8.  Drug chemistry.pdf

9.  Environmental Sciences FEBES 6.10.2012.pdf

10.  Food Sc.pdf

11.  Forestry 6.10.2012.pdf

12.  Geology 6.10.2012.pdf

13.  HAMP 6.10.2012.pdf

14. Mathematics 6.10.2012.pdf

15. Microbiology.pdf

16. Pharmaceutics or Pharmacology.pdf

17. Physics 6.10.2012.pdf

18.  Vety Science.pdf

19. Zoology 6.10.2012.pdf

20. Genetics.pdf

21. Health Sc.pdf

22. Statistics.pdf

23. Sustaianable management.pdf