Coldwater fish diversity and abundance of upper reaches of Sonkosh river, Kokrajhar, Assam


River Sonkosh enters India at Jamduar (longitude of 89°51'39.4'' E and latitude of 26°43'59.8'' N), Kokrajhar district of Assam. It extends up to the Feshimari-Jaldhuaghat at a longitude of 89°47'26''E and latitude of 26°22'39''N. Cold water fish assemblages of Sonkosh river was investigated at three upstream stations from April, 2013 to March, 2014. During study period, 65 species of fishes belonging to 6 major orders and 18 families were recorded. The most number of species belongs to family Cyprinidae (29) and followed by Sisoridae (7), Nemacheilidae (6), Cobitidae (4), Channidae (3), Psilorhynchidae (2), Olyridae (2), Badidae (2), Anguillidae (1), Amblycipitidae (1), Bagridae (1), Siluridae (1), Schilbeidae (1), Eresthistidae(1), Belonidae (1), Mastacembelidae (1), Nandidae (1) and Tetradontidae (1). Diversity indices like Shannon-Wiener index (H), Simpson dominance index (D), Simpson index of diversity (1-D), Buzas and Gibson’s evenness (E) and Margalef’s index (d) were analyzed by using PAST Software (version 2.19).

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