Membership is open to any desirous person who fulfills the terms and conditions of the society as described below but subject to the approval of the Governing Body. If any government servant is desirous of becoming member of the society, he/she shall inform the appropriate authority of employment before applying the membership. If membership is not approved by the Governing Body, the reason of rejection shall be communicated to the applicant.

  • Basic Membership: Any graduate in basic or allied sciences.
  • Life Membership: A member can become Life Member after at least five years of enrolment to the society, and upon approval by the Governing Body.
  • Patron Membership: An eminent person, with significant contribution to the activities of the society and/or the advancement of science may apply for Patron Membership. However, eligibility shall be decided and approved by the Governing Body.
  • Associate Membership: Any person having a PhD in basic or allied science, a regular employment in a government-recognised institution or research centre, and who has made significant research contributions may apply for Associate Membership. Eligibility will be decided by the Governing Body upon the credentials of the candidate. Membership entails privileges of a full member such as participation in the academy activities including conferences, seminars, etc., discounted publication in Science Vision; but not involvement in elections and administrative matters of the academy. There shall be no more than ten (10) Associate Members at any moment, and membership is valid for two (2) years.

Membership fee

  • 100/- (Rupees one hundred only) for ordinary Membership.
  • 1,000/- (Rupees one thousand only) for Life Membership.
  • 3,000/- (Rupees three thousand only) for Patron Membership.
  • 5,000/- (Rupees five thousand only) for Patron Membership.

Termination or cessation of membership

The Governing Body can terminate any of the above memberships, on the following grounds:

  • upon demise,
  • on written resignation,
  • if found to be involved in anti-social activities