The Mizo Post Graduate Science Society (MIPOGRASS) was established on 10 June 1995 at North Eastern Hill University, Shillong campus. The society is a non-political, not-for-profit, and purely a voluntary organisation. The first General Conference adopted its constitution on 20 February 1996 .

The general body meeting held on 28 August 2013 adopted a new name Mizo Academy of Sciences (MAS). Consequently the General Body meeting on 21 March 2014 resolved to adopt the amended constitution in accordance with the Mizoram Societies Registration Act, 2005.

Name of the society

The name of the society shall be Mizo Academy of Sciences or MAS as an acronym.

Registered office

Registered office of the society shall remain in Mizoram, and at present it is at the following address:

D-63, RK Section, Sikulpuikawn, Aizawl 796001

Aims and objectives

The aims and objectives for which the society is established are as under:

  • To foster Mizo people towards the study of science and technology.
  • To promote the importance and utility of science among the Mizo people.
  • To motivate the experts in the field of science and to utilise their knowledge for the progress of Mizoram.
  • To give support to and collaborate with institutions/organisations/NGOs in the field of science and technology.
  • To organise seminar, symposium, etc. at an appropriate time.
  • To publish scientific journal, magazine, books, etc.


The society can be dissolved by not less than three-fourths of the total members in accordance with section 25 & 28 of the Mizoram Societies Registration Act, 2005.

Duties of the members

  • Each and every member of the society shall
  • elect the Governing Body of the society,
  • attend the General Body meetings regularly,
  • give necessary information to the society, pertaining to any matter worth knowing by the society,
  • avoid activities that contravene the aims and objectives, and rules and regulations of the society.

Termination of membership

Member can revoke a membership any time. The Governing Body can terminate membership on the ground laid down by the Mizoram Societies Registration Act, 2005, including those found guilty of criminal charges, anti-social behaviour, contravening the society policy and administration.

Governing body

  • The strength of the Governing shall not be less than 20 but not exceeding 50.
  • The term of the Governing Body shall be two years.
  • Minimum 2-days notice shall be given to summon Governing Body meeting, but meeting can be called in 24-hours notice in case of exigencies.
  • Quorum of the General Body meeting shall be one-fifth of the total strength.
  • In case of emergency meeting the quorum shall be two-thirds of the total strength of the Governing Body.
  • Governing Body meeting will be ordinarily held once in every three months, but shall be at least once in a year.
  • Governing Body composition

The Governing Body shall include:

  • President  
  • Vice President
  • General Secretary
  • Assistant Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • Finance Secretary
  • Executive members (14-44)

Election and appointment

  • The Office Bearers of the headquarters shall be elected by the General Body for a term of two years.
  • The General Body shall either elect six Office Bearers without assigning designations, or elect the Office Bearers post-by-post.
  • Voting at the election shall be done by secret ballot, and voting by proxy will not be allowed.
  • Election shall be conducted by election officer who is not a member of the society, and appointed by the Governing Body.
  • Election shall be done by official nomination and/or nomination from the floor.
  • Simple majority of vote shall be used.
  • The Office Bearers shall take charge within 10 days of election, and shall constitute the Governing Body.

Duties and powers of the Governing body

The Governing Body shall be responsible for the management and administration of all affairs of the society, and shall be authorised to assign any executive member for a specified role.

  • All decisions shall be taken by majority of votes.
  • All the executive powers and functions, management of finance, properties and assets of the society shall be exercised by the Governing Body, and its decision on such matters shall be final.
  • It shall exercise the power to take disciplinary action on members, to decide on enrolment and re-enrolment of members, and termination of membership.
  • It shall have the power to make and enforce new rules and regulations, if necessary, to supplement the existing ones for the effective set up and undertaking of the society.
  • It shall bear the responsibility to carry out the resolutions of the Governing Body and General Body meetings of the society.
  • In case of resignation of any member of the Office Bearer, it shall be the responsibility of the Governing Body to assign designation to the Office Bearers, or to make new appointment to fill the vacant post.

It shall also exercise the power to

  • prepare work plans, publications, projects and programmes of the society,
  • arrange election and to appoint election officer(s) with his/her duties,
  • nominate additional secretaries, Chief Mentor and Mentor(s) as may be deemed.

Restriction on holding office

No person who is an undischarged insolvent or who has been convicted of criminal offence under law shall be a member of the Governing Body.

A no-objection declaration must be obtained from appropriate authority/employer by a member who is under regular employment to hold an elected office in the society.

Properties and utilisation

  • All the incomes, earnings, movable and immovable properties of the society shall be solely utilised and applied towards the promotion of its aims and objectives only as set forth in the memorandum, and no portion thereof shall be paid or transferred directly or indirectly by way of dividends, bonus, profit or in any manner whatsoever, to the present and past member of the society or to any person claiming through any member of the society. No member of the society shall have any personal claim on any movable or immovable assets of the society or make a profit out of them, whatsoever, by virtue of his/her membership.
  • All properties of the society shall be vested with the Governing Body. A proper register of all items shall be maintained.
  • The general fund of the society can be utilised for the welfare of the members as may be decided by the Governing Body.
  • The General Body shall decide upon all matters relating to spending and raising of funds for the welfare of the society.
  • In case of death of a member, the Governing Body may consider a condolence and or obituary.

Fiscal year

Fiscal year starts on 1 April and ends on 31 March of the next year.