Not for your entertainment only, it is hazardous


The facts are in, and they are not what one might expect them to be. I would not dare belittle (though definitely not a fan) the use of social networks, particularly Facebook. The story of Facebook alone is an Oscar-worthy work (proved me right, The Social Network won the 83rd Academy Awards for Best Adapted Screenplay, Best Original Score, and Best Film Editing). It is true that it is a good way to keep connected with friends and families around the globe. But its merits appear to be outweighed its demerits. It serves as an effective method for personal abuses, bullying, deceit, and all sorts of misdemeanour. (I personally a young couple who are now divorced for half a decade sole on the ground of misused Facebook.) Some reposts say that there are over 80 million fake accounts–enough to establish to a strong nation. Take it this way, there are only 15 countries having more than 80 million population, those fake users are more than Germans and the rest of other nations. One can have a nation of imaginary friends!

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