Determination of heavy metals and pesticide residues level in selected sundried and smoked vegetables from Aizawl market


Sundried and smoked vegetables constitute major parts of the Mizo cuisine. Heavy metals and pesticides can be present in vegetables and cause many diseases including cancer. The objective of this study is to determine the concentration of heavy metal and pesticide residues in commonly consumed sundried and smoked vegetables from Aizawl market. Since cancer is prevailing at a high rate in Mizoram, it also aims to study whether there is any link between cancer and these vegetables. The concentrations of heavy metals were analyzed using atomic absorption spectroscopy and pesticide residues levels were analyzed using gas chromatography. This study reveals that the levels of heavy metals tested were within the permissible limits in all the vegetable samples, except for cadmium. Since cadmium exceeds the permissible limit, it can pose health risk for the consumers. The pesticide residues found in the tested samples were all within permissible limits. However, the amount and duration of consumption need to be considered as this can be a predisposing factor for cancer and other diseases.

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