Classification and provenance studies of the sandstones exposed along Durtlang road section, Aizawl, Mizoram


Mizoram predominantly comprises of Surma Group of rocks which also cover the whole area of the Aizawl city. Sandstones exposed along Durtlang road section in the northern part of the Aizawl city are composed mainly of quartz, mica group of minerals like biotite and muscovite, lithic fragments and feldspar group of minerals like plagioclases, microcline and orthoclase, and other minor detrital components. The classification and provenance studies of sandstones are basically done on the basis of three important major detrital minerals like quartz, feldspar and lithic fragments. On the basis of these three components, the sandstones exposed along Durtlang road section were classified into litharenite and sublitharenite. The sources of the sediments were determined to be of igneous and metamorphic terrains, probably of Himalayan orogen and the Indo-Burmese collision zones.

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