Study on bat diversity in and around Lengteng Wildlife Sanctuary, Mizoram, India


Lengteng Wildlife Sanctuary (23°44’20”N - 23°52’15”N and 93°13’40”E - 93°17’50”E) is the third largest among the six (6) wildlife sanctuaries of Mizoram; situated in the eastern part of Mizoram adjacent to Murlen National Park. Due to various types of topography there is a diversified climatic condition in this sanctuary and this supports a variety of semi evergreen trees, bamboo, wild bananas; hence a rich biodiversity. Bats play major role in food chain between plants and carnivores as well as habitat specific that help in seed dispersal, and also is considered as pest. The present investigation conducted from August 2012 to April 2013 was undertaken to study the bat diversity and prepare the checklist at Lengteng Wildlife Sanctuary of Champhai District of Mizoram. Nine (9) bat species under eight (8) genera of four (4) families were identified from study area. Insectivorous bat, Rhinolophus hipposideros, which was identified in this sanctuary, was for the first time recorded in Mizoram. Mist-nets and hoop-nets were used for the trapping of the bats and roosting sites were surveyed with the help of binoculars. Trapped bats were photographed by digital camera and video camera for documentation. Dead bats found in the study area were preserved in the laboratory by using 10% formaldehyde solution after identification.

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