Geological investigation and mitigation suggestion of slumping localities in Saiha town, southern Mizoram, India


Saiha town slumping area was triggered by cloud burst on the 16th and 17th May, 1995. Prominent transverse cracks were observed from the month of October, 2010 at the rupture surface of subsidence localities such as New Colony-I, New Colony-III, College Veng and Council Veng, Saiha. About 310 houses were affected. This could be due to high rate of percolation of rain water which developed pore pressure and weakening connection between the top and bottom layer, thus, reduced shear strength or resisting force. A continuous movement was observed till 2013, and maybe unsafe localities if not mitigate at the correct time. The present paper deals with geological field investigations as well as recommendation in terms of preventive and remedial measures.

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