Genome characterization of banana genetic resources of Mizoram, India


Mizoram is located in the region considered as the origin of edible bananas and plantains. Various wild and edible banana and plantains are found in the state that have to be characterized systematically. Fourteen (14) varieties of banana were collected in Mizoram and characterized using morphological parameters. 10 varieties were identified under Musa paradisiaca, 1 under M. acuminata and 1 under M. balbisiana. In addition, 2 other varieties were identified as Ensete glaucum and M. ornata respectively. Based on the morphological scores, the genome groups of 12 varieties belonging to Eumusa section were established under AB, AAB, ABB, AAA, BB and ABBB groups. The findings of this study will provide useful information on the status of the banana genetic resources of Mizoram and formulation of their conservation strategies.

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