Sulphate, phosphate-P and nitrate-N contents of Tlawng river, near Aizawl City, India


Tlawng River is a major source of potable water in Aizawl District of Mizoram. Rapid increase in population and developmental activities increase pollutants in river water. The present study aims to assess the water quality of Tlawng River running near Aizawl city, Mizoram. The findings revealed that sulphate ranged from 1.1-6.9 mgL-1 , phosphate-P from 0-0.028 mgL-1 and nitrate-N from 0.02-0.32 mgL-1 . From the present observation, the water quality of Tlawng River is found to be of good quality. The values are within the prescribed limits laid down by various scientific agencies, however, there is an ample scope of treatment of water before supply, to remove much pollutants present in the water. The statistical analysis indicates significance and validity of results.

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