Disturb and perish, conserve and flourish – regenerating forests: a review


Forests are valuable natural resource system and have tremendous influence on the environmental conditions and human welfare. A dense forest cover reduces soil erosion, regulates stream flow and heat budget of the area, maintains atmospheric humidity and soil moisture, and provides shelter to a diverse variety of flora and fauna. The most important cause of forest depletion and biodiversity loss in tropical and subtropical regions is shifting cultivation and logging for timber-based industries. Substantial reduction in forest cover is also caused by fuel wood extraction. Mizoram has an extensive forest cover of about 19,563 sq km, which accounts for about 92.8% of the total geographical area during early 1990’s, but has been significantly reduced in the past decade. The rich forest flora and the vegetation diversity of the state, at present, have been under critical conditions of alteration and depletion. The need and suggestions for conserving and regenerating the forests are discussed in this paper.

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