Comparison of single and double entry twin cup dosimeter in measuring indoor radon and thoron concentration in Mizoram, India


Indoor radon and thoron concentrations have been measured using solid state nuclear track detector (LR-115 type-ІІ) based twin cup dosimeter with single and double entry deployed side by side. The measurements have been carried out in 50 dwellings of 8 different villages/towns situated in Saiha and Lawngtlai districts, Mizoram. Dwellings were selected primarily from the gamma level measured using Micro-R survey meter and the construction type of the building. The average concentrations of radon and thoron were found to be 75.76 Bq/m3 and 96.50 Bq/m3 for single entry dosimeter and 63.47 Bq/m3 and 19.79 Bq/m3 for double entry dosimeter. The single entry dosimeter was found to give more reliable observations than that of double entry in terms of trends of seasonal data and also on the theory behind the manufacturing qualities.

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