Estimation of cholesterol in different edible oils found in Mizoram


The study was performed to investigate the quantity of cholesterol level in the commonly consumed fats and oils in Mizoram, and further assessed, whether or not it is of risk to coronary heart diseases (CHD). Samples collected include mustard oil (Vimal), butter (Amul), dalda (Vanaspati), ghee (Amul and Vanaspati), refined oil (Best Choice, Dhara, Nutrela, and Gokul), coconut oil (Parachute), olive oil and palm oil. Performing the experiment gives a result where palm oil was found to contain highest level i.e. 804.5 mg/L and coconut oil (Parachute) has the lowest i.e. 179 mg/L. Daily requirements of cholesterol is estimated to be approximately 300 mg per day and thus showing the tested samples to be safe for human consumptions but however limit use of edible oils is recommended for safety measures for high risk individual.

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