Effect of seasonal variation on soil enzymes activity and fertility of soil in paddy fields of North Vanlaiphai, Mizoram, India


For sustainability in agricultural productions, familiarity of soil quality and manual improvement to create the best possible growing environment for plants are extremely important. In this study the quality of soil of a paddy field in North Vanlaiphai was investigated with respect to the change in seasons throughout the year. A total of five (5) soil samples were selected from various places of the paddy field, and soil fertility indicators such as pH, total soil nitrogen (N), available phosphorus (Pav), exchangeable potassium (Kex), soil organic carbon (SOC), soil organic matter (SOM) and soil enzymes viz. dehydrogenase, phosphatase and urease were analyzed using standard protocols. All the parameters except available phosphorus and exchangeable potassium were found to be highest during rainy season whereas lowest in summer.

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