Documentation of tree species within Mizoram Science Centre, Berawtlang, Aizawl, India, with notes on their ethnomedicinal values


This study provides a first report of the various tree species prevailing in the tropical semi-evergreen forest within Mizoram Science Centre, Berawtlang, Aizawl in relation to their diversity; and also mentions traditional ethnomedicinal and economic uses of the species. A total number of 776 individual trees were assessed within the study site belonging to 74 different species representing 61 genera and 34 families. Among these, 55 tree species have been reported by previous workers to possess indigenous medicinal values. The most abundant tree species at the study site was found to be Callicarpa arborea (hnahkiah) of Verbenaceae comprising 14.30% of the total trees assessed, followed by Anogeissus acuminata (zairum) of Combretaceae with 12.62%, and Schima wallichii (khiang) of Theaceae with 10.56%. A concise list of the species recorded along with their ethnomedicinal and economic uses have been presented here. The prospect of in situ conservation of tree species is briefly highlighted.

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