Geological investigation and monitoring of Ramhlun Sports Complex landslide, Aizawl, India


Ramhlun Sports Complex is situated at the eastern limb of Aizawl anticline, Mizoram. Landslide took place in August 2012 which badly affected 16 houses. Due to presence of tension cracks, 38 houses are vacated within a safe time, but dismantled and 10 buildings are collapsed in August 2013. This affected 195 persons of 41 families. A geological investigation was performed; representative soil samples are analyzed as Atterberg’s limits, CBR (California bearing ratio), OMC (optimum moisture content) and MDD (maximum dry density), respectively. Instrumentations and monitoring of the movement using crackmeter and tape extensometer also done for two years. The CBR and MDD values are too low as compared to the safety standards, while moisture content is too high. This may show that the movement and erosion rate may be high. The movement was relatively high when rainfall increases. It was observed that, the area is not suitable and unsafe for settlement; constructions of road/ pavement are not recommended.

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