Awareness on the possible adverse effects of Garcinia cambogia: A scientific approach


The modern popular ideology is that plant-based products do not have adverse effects. Hence, people are fond of using herbal products of their choice to treat their own ailments or anyone else. As majority of the population are not aware of herbal toxicity concept, the use of formulated single or combined medicinal and/or nutritional plant extracts or isolated compounds to treat chronic diseases are increasingly popular due to the widespread concerns regarding the adverse effects of pharmaceutical drugs. Awareness from the scientific community to bring society to its senses regarding the safety issue of a herbal product is rare. Garcinia gummi-gutta (more popularly known by the synonym Garcinia cambogia in commercial preparations), belonging to the family of Clusiaceae (alt. Guttiferae) is a popularly consumed weight-loss nutraceutical. This review aims to highlight the possible adverse effects of G. cambogia. For the said purpose, 147 articles were collected from PubMed, Web of Science and Google scholar. Literature review revealed a plethora of beneficial actions. Investigational outcomes and clinical evidences hint the possible adverse effects likely to be linked with the use of G. cambogia. However, the use of G. cambogia as an anti-obesity agent is advisable as long as the therapeutic value outweighs the adverse effect.

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