The breeding biology of Fejervarya limnocharis complex, F. multistriata (Hallowell, 1861) in Mizoram, northeast India


The breeding behavior of Fejervarya multistriata was studied from the selected study sites in Mizoram for over three years between 2016 and 2019. In natural condition, breeding took place in group. The advertisement call of males consisted of a series of notes emitted at an interval of 0.1–0.4 s where the frequency spectra had a dominant band at 2670.1172 Hz and the band width ranges from 2497.8516–28422.3828 Hz. Morphometric measurements showed that females are larger than males with snout-vent length of 45.55 ± 1.54 mm vs 33.77 ± 1.03 mm, respectively. The clutch sizes ranges from 488 to 1035. We found that the calculated ‘t’ value 0.03 is less than the ‘p’ value, i.e. 1, therefore there is no correlation between SVL of females and clutch sizes.

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