Pharmacognostical characterization and in vitro antioxidant activity of Acacia pennata (L.) Willd. leaves: A Southeast Asian medicinal plant


Pre-defined analytical features of a plant are used as a reference to aid in accurate identification, proper standardization, and quality control. However, no systematic work on the leaves of A. pennata is available for reference to check its authenticity, purity, and quality. Therefore, the study was aimed to develop pharmacognostic parameters using standard guidelines. The work provides macroscopic, qualitative and quantitative microscopic, physicochemical parameters, chromatographic fingerprint profile, and in-vitro antioxidant activity of A. pennata. Preliminary phytochemical screening and thin-layer chromatography hints the presence of steroids and glycosides along with polyphenolic compounds viz. phenols and flavonoids. Quantification of polyphenolic phytoconstituents and assessment of in-vitro antioxidant activity of the methanolic extract was done. The current communication offers referential knowledge on the analytical and diagnostic features for accurate taxonomical identification, proper characterization and will also help in the establishment of a pharmacognostic monograph of A. pennata for effective quality control.

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