Commonly used medicinal plants in N. Mualcheng, Mizoram, India


Medicinal plants are the source of therapeutic agents in traditional medicines. The present study investigated Mizo traditional medicinal plants commonly used and available at N. Mualcheng, a village in Mizoram, India. The most important plants in terms of usage and availability as 10 species belonging to 9 families, of which Asteraceae contributes two species (such as Blumea lanceolaria, Acmella sp.), while Fabaceae, Acanthaceae, Costaceae, Orobanchaceae, Proteaceae, Elaeagnaceae, Smilacaceae and Plantaginaceae contribute one species each such as Mimosa pudica, Thunbergia grandiflora, Chamaecostus cuspidatus, Aeginetia indica, Helicia robusta, Elaeagnus caudata, Smilax perfoliata and Plantago asiatica respectively. An important feature of these medicinal plants is that some of them are used for complex diseases including kidney problem, gastric ulcer and diabetes mellitus.

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