On the definition, status of research, diversity and prospect of exploration of the Genus Garra (Cypriniformes: Cyprinidae) from Mizoram, Northeast India


The cyprinid genus Garra includes small to medium-sized, benthic fish species that are usually found in fast-flowing rivers and streams. Fish of this genus have a modified lower lip forming a mental adhesive disc and horizontally placed pectoral and pelvic fins with a flat ventral profile. The genus Garra is vast and wide with each species exhibiting various differences at the morphological and molecular level. Reports on the exploration and investigation of the genus in Mizoram are few and those that are reported need certain validation and clarifications. Re-collection and elaborated review of this genus are obligatory. Therefore, meticulous analysis of these freshwater fish using morphological as well as molecular methods is required to validate previous findings. Furthermore, the review paper will shed a light on the diagnosis of the fish, status of research, and research prospects in Mizoram.

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