Effect of planting time on the performance of broccoli under Mizoram conditions


Broccoli (Brassica oleracea var. italica), a popular vegetable crop, has one of the most exacting climatic and cultural requirements, which limit its commercial production to a few favored locations. A field experiment was conducted at Mizoram University, Tanhril, Mizoram during winter of 2013/2014 to find out the effect of time of sowing on plant performance and yield of broccoli. Six sowing time was done viz. 17 October (T1), 24 October (T2), 31 October (T3), 7 November (T4), 14 November (T5) and 21 November (T6) with plant spacing of 45cm x 45cm. Yield and yield contributing characters were significantly influenced by the planting time. Highest average weight of marketable curd per plant (199.20 g) was obtained from T2, whereas lowest average weight obtained from T6 (75 g). The influence of planting time also showed significant difference on the calculated yield (tonnes per hectare) of broccoli, in which T2 showed highest marketable yield of 9.83 t/ha.

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