Slake durability and point load indices of shale in Zuangtui sliding area, Aizawl, Mizoram


Zuangtui is situated in the Eastern limbs of the Aizawl anticline. Human settlement in the study area is greatly affected by the ground movement that has been occurring since 1987. A geotechnical investigation was carried out using Slake Durability Test and Point Load Index Test in order to understand the weathering rate and strength of the rock. Out of 21 collected rock samples,16 samples show a durability range of 76 - 90%, and the other samples fall under the durability range of 90%-95%. Most of the samples showing lower durability are from disturbed areas. The lowest point load value is 1MPa shown by samples in a disturbed area and most of the point load strength of the rock in an unstable area is comparatively lower than in a stable area. From the study, it is considered that the durability and strength of the rock greatly contribute to triggering ground movement.

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