Report of first dengue outbreak in Aizawl, Mizoram, northeast India: Epidemiological and entomological surveillance and observations


Outbreaks of dengue disease have been reported from many parts of India including northeastern States. There were reports of dengue disease outbreaks from Moreh town in Manipur during 2007-2008 and from Pasighat in Arunachal Pradesh during 2012 from northeast India. The first outbreak of dengue-like fever in Mizoram was reported on 30th August from Tuikual North ā€˜Cā€™ Mual, Aizawl, followed by consecutive outbreaks at 10 localities between August and December 2016 within Aizawl city. In these localities, epidemiological and entomological studies were conducted to identify the disease and its vector. Blood serums were collected from the patients for the serological confirmation and Aedes mosquitoes (adults and larvae) were collected for vector identification and confirmation. There were 580 (NS1=384, IgM=196) patients confirmed with the disease from 11 localities in Aizawl and Ae. aegypti were identified as a potential vector species. There was no predilection towards sexes and all age group are affected with a median age 30. Parameters of entomological study revealed high density of vector mosquito in the study areas. Public health actions pertaining to the prevention and control of the disease were implemented. As dengue is included among the notifiable diseases in India, government authorities should strengthen manpower, case management and laboratory support, and regularly organizing interactive co-ordination meetings at all levels to sensitize public through IEC and awareness programmes as well as source reduction of Aedes mosquito breeding.

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