Bird diversity of Lengteng Wildlife Sanctuary, Mizoram


This paper deals with the bird community of Lengteng Wildlife Sanctuary in eastern Mizoram recorded during two years of survey. A total of 126 species of birds belonging to 35 families were recorded by line transect method. The family Timaliidae top the list with 19 species followed by Sylviidae with 10 species and Turdidae with 9 species. The findings include rare and vulnerable Blyth’s Tragopan, 4 near threatened species, viz. Mrs Hume’s pheasant, great hornbill, brown hornbill and the white-cheeked hill partridge. A rare green-tailed sunbird of the sub-species A. nipalensis victoriae is also recorded during the study. Based on our observation, out of 126 species recorded, 8 species are considered as rare and 22 species being considered occasional with 2 species as winter visitor. It was observed that bird community survey could serve as an important tool for assessing its role as ecological indicator of an area. The comparison of avian diversity of Phawngpui National Park, Murlen National Park and Dampa Tiger Reserve with our result and the habitat of rare birds in the study area are discussed.

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