Physico-chemical characteristics of Tamdil in Mizoram, northeast India


In order to understand the water quality of Tamdil, its physico-chemical parameters were analyzed for a period of one year, i.e. from October 2013 to September 2014. For detailed investigation, water quality attributes namely, water temperature(12.5°C-26.3°C), pH (6.6-7.4), turbidity (0.22 -10.4 NTU), acidity (3.2-13 mg/L), total alkalinity (32-107.2 mg/L), total hardness (26.8-50.4 mg/L), nitrate-N (0.02-0.82 mg/L), phosphate-P (0.02-0.53 mg/L), dissolved oxygen (4.4 -7.36 mg/L) and biological oxygen demand (0.029-1.2mg/L) were studied. The results reveal that there is a significant seasonal variation in physico-chemical attribute and the data in all parameters are within the prescribed limit of water quality standard laid down by various scientific agencies.

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