Intercropping of nitrogen-fixing tree species (NFTs) with agriculture crops as a sustainable farming system


A study was carried out on the intercropping of nitrogen-fixing tree species (NFTs) with maize and rice on hill slopes of Mizoram. Three species of nitrogen fixing trees, namely Flemingia microphylla Willd. Merr. (family Fabaceae), Leucaenia leucocephala Lam. de Wit (family Fabaceae) and Tephrosia candida Roxb. DC. (family Fabaceae) were planted as hedgerows. The different nitrogen-fixing tree species introduced as hedgerows were found to increase the yield of the test crops, conserve soil nutrients, and improve efficiency of the system. The present study reveals that NFTs can be successfully intercropped with agriculture crops such as rice and maize in the hill slopes of Mizoram, India.

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