From Mozart to MJ: the life and science of music – the good, the bad, and the ugly


Death is such an indispensable fact of life. It is not the ultimate tragedy in itself, but rather a paramount triumph of life. What would be the meaning of living without dying? To live perpetually without having to kick the bucket makes no biological sense at all. Yet death is the most unwelcomed encounter for every organism. It has been known from experience that music brings pleasure to life in humans. It has been further scientifically demonstrated that music is clinically beneficial to those inflicted with diseases, even terminally ill patients. However, on the bleak side of it, gifted musicians are at greater risk of mortality than non-musicians. A wealth of scientific data posits that committed musicians have relatively low life expectancy. A variety of causes have been attributed, of which aggressive life style and reckless behaviors appear to be the dominant factor. If you want to live fast and die young, become a rock star, statistics says.

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