Characteristic of soil with seasonal change and their effects on slope stability


The slope stability affected by wetting and drying of the soil is investigated in Zuangtui Local Council Area, Aizawl, and the study was performed by determining soil mechanical properties for two cycles of wetting and drying. Engineering properties of soil like liquid limit, plastic limit, plasticity index, liquidity index, consistency index, and shear strength are used for comparing the behaviour of soil. Samples were collected during the dry season from two locations (L1 and L2). The second sampling was done during the wet season after completing two wet-dry cycles. Slope stability analysis of the investigated area was carried out to compare the Factor of Safety in two complete cycles. Based on the analysis, the parameters of Atterberg’s limit except for the liquidity index decrease during the wet season after completing the cycle in both locations. Cohesion and angle of internal friction reduce in the wet season. The Factor of Safety is below unity in both locations during the wet season and above unity in the dry season.

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