Effect of rock gradation in Stone Matrix Asphalt using Coir Fibre


Stone Matrix Asphalt (SMA) was introduced to counter heavy traffic and loading due to its better rut resistance. This study aims to determine the effect of rock gradation on SMA, water susceptibility, tensile strength, and retained tensile strength. The methods adopted for testing include the physical properties of rock and bitumen, the Marshall Stability Test, and the Water Sensitivity Test. Coir fibre is used in SMA to prevent draining as an alternative to cellulose fibre. The study shows that coir fibres satisfy the drain-down requirement for both 13 mm and 19 mm gradations, respectively. Laminate sedimentary rock aggregate used in SMA is susceptible to water. A larger size of gradation has achieved higher retained tensile strength, mainly due to the lesser degradation that develops in bituminous concrete

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