A systematic list of mammals of Mizoram, India


A comprehensive systematic list of wild mammals of the state of Mizoram, northeast India, has been collated from historical records, primary and secondary information by incorporating reliable data after personal interview with elderly prominent hunters. A total of 126 species of wild mammals belonging to 32 families under 11 orders, including 8 primate species, 14 herbivores with angulates, among carnivores - 3 ursids, 2 canids, 8 felids, 19 lesser carnivores; and 5 fossoreal, 9 arboreal, 22 rodents, 35 chiropterans and 1 aquatic mammal are listed. Bats (Chiroptera) formed the largest group (28%) with 35 species under 7 families followed by carnivores (25%) with 32 species and rodents (24%) with 30 species. Furthermore, Cetacea, Proboscidae, Scandentia and Pholidota orders were represented by a single species each. The rats and mice family Muridae formed the biggest family with 16 species followed by the vesper bats family Vespertilionidae with 14 species. The list contains three critically endangered species including two locally extinct species, eight endangered species including two locally extinct species, 18 vulnerable species including one locally extinct species and 8 near-threatened species, i.e. a total of 37 threatened species. The list also provides the vernacular name, common English name and scientific name of each species, local status, IUCN (2016-3) threatened category, WPA schedule and CITES appendix were given. Five species were considered as locally extinct; habitat destruction and poaching being the major cause, and therefore, immediate conservative measures are suggested.

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