Volume 15, Issue 2, 2015 April-June

Volume 15, No 2 Pages:
2015 April-June Articles: 7

Influence of maternal dominance on mother-infant relationship and allomothering in captive stump-tailed macaques (Macaca arctoides)

The present study investigated how the maternal dominance status influences the mother-infant relationship and the interaction of females other than the mother with the group infants in captive stump-tailed macaques (Macaca arctoides). Nine infants were born into the group; observations were made on these infants during their first six months of life using all occurrences sampling. Eleven measures of mother-infant interaction were used for analyses: total time in contact, on nipple contact, off nipple contact, total time off contact, less than 3 feet away (touching distance), more than 3 feet away (beyond touching distance), total contact broken, leaves by mother, leaves by infant, approach by mother, approach by infant. Although the general course of development of the mother-infant relationship was similar in all mother-infant pairs, there were marked differences in regulation of mother-infant contact based on the maternal dominance status. Infants of more dominant females tend to be more secure and have greater freedom of movement within the group. High-ranking stump-tailed macaque mothers carried their offspring less than lower-ranking females. Infants born to dominant female were found to receive significantly more care contact than the infants of sub-ordinate female. The present study strongly indicated that maternal dominance status was a factor that shaped the nature of stump-tailed infants with group members.

Characterization of a multi-electrode common-ducted HHO dry cell

Electrolytic production of hydrogen from water is gradually gaining its importance among the other conventional process of hydrogen production in the context of renewable energy source utilization and environmentally clean technology. The present work study hydrogen gas production in a form called Brown’s gas or HHO gas by alkaline water electrolysis with KOH as electrolyte in an 11 plate common-ducted HHO dry cell. The variation of HHO gas flow at different concentrations of electrolyte was investigated. During electrolysis the temperature of the electrolytic solution is also found to increase gradually with time due to overvoltages, which further effects the current, electrical and gas production rate. The effects of temperature on the HHO gas production rate and energy efficiency of electrolysis process are discussed.

Association of tobacco use, betel consumption and gastric cancer in Mizoram

Cancer is a disease that affects the livelihood of humankind for ages. Dietary habit and lifestyle have been attributed to the development of many forms of cancer including gastric cancer. The state of Mizoram located in the northeastern India has been recorded to be a cancer prone area. Most Mizo people indulge in the use of smoke and smokeless tobacco and betel chewing. A study in this high cancer incidence zone is necessary to determine the actual cause of the disease. In this study, we evaluate the influence of tobacco use and betel consumption on gastric cancer. We conclude that individuals with a family history of cancer who consumed betel, smoke and smokeless tobacco have a higher risk of gastric cancer. We also found an association between increased risk of gastric cancer and consumption of betel or sahdah alone and betel with sahdah.

Phase velocities of elastic waves in swelling porous materials

The present article deals with the study of phase velocities of elastic waves in the medium of swelling porous. The medium consist of mixtures of solid, fluid and gas. Based on Eringen's linear theory of swelling porous, it is found that the existence of three longitudinal waves and two transverse waves, propagating with distinct velocities which are attenuated. Discussions of the particular cases are presented. Numerical and analytical calculations of phase velocities and attenuation are depicted graphically.

On the M-projective curvature tensor of Sasakian manifolds

This paper is an analysis of the properties of the M−projective curvature tensor in Sasakian, Einstein Sasakian and η−Einstein Sasakian manifolds.

Effect of spin-orbit interaction on the band structures of d-band metals

We present here the electronic structure calculations of d-band metals like W and Cr using a self-consistent, full-potential linearized augmented plane wave (FP-LAPW) method. We performed a scalar relativistic calculation without spin-orbit interaction (NSOI) and a fully relativistic with spin-orbit interaction (SOI) included in a second-variational treatment. We found close agreement between our calculations and the experimental results. The calculated Fermi energy for SOI and NSOI are same and almost equal to the experimental value. We found that the effect of spin-orbit interaction (relativistic effect) increases with the atomic number.

Bird diversity of Lengteng Wildlife Sanctuary, Mizoram

This paper deals with the bird community of Lengteng Wildlife Sanctuary in eastern Mizoram recorded during two years of survey. A total of 126 species of birds belonging to 35 families were recorded by line transect method. The family Timaliidae top the list with 19 species followed by Sylviidae with 10 species and Turdidae with 9 species. The findings include rare and vulnerable Blyth’s Tragopan, 4 near threatened species, viz. Mrs Hume’s pheasant, great hornbill, brown hornbill and the white-cheeked hill partridge. A rare green-tailed sunbird of the sub-species A. nipalensis victoriae is also recorded during the study. Based on our observation, out of 126 species recorded, 8 species are considered as rare and 22 species being considered occasional with 2 species as winter visitor. It was observed that bird community survey could serve as an important tool for assessing its role as ecological indicator of an area. The comparison of avian diversity of Phawngpui National Park, Murlen National Park and Dampa Tiger Reserve with our result and the habitat of rare birds in the study area are discussed.